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Yacht Name
Cruise T tiller-controlled
CruiseT 06 high

The next-generation tiller controlled e-outboard. Faster, more powerful, better. Gets tenders on the plane in no time and powers yachts up to 4 tons elegantly across the open sea. Completely waterproof to IP67. And unmatched in efficiency. The Cruise gets more performance and range out of a battery bank than any other outboard.

List Price
CRUISE 2.0 TS 2.899,00 € incl. VAT
Main Features

Depending on PS – between 6 and a full 9.9 – the T models require one or two of our Power batteries that can be easily attached using the cable set provided. The on-board computer supplied as standard provides GPS-based information about charge status, speed and range. Although – with the new … solar controller… that can be attached to various solar chargers – range is no longer an issue.

Despite its high power, the Cruise is a flyweight: at 17.5 kg (2.0) or just over 18 kg (4.0) neither is really heavy.

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